About me

  • My very first step in the world of professionals was in Android Programming, back in 2007. After a few apps and a few years I quit the Android scene for a while and focused on Java EE. Now in 2015 I've combined my skills as an Android developer and Java EE developer. I've developed several RESTful services which are consumed by Android apps.
  • I'm familiar with Java 5, 6, 7, and 8, Spring, Hibernate, JCR2.0, Android, and other Java frameworks. Ever since I first started learning Java at my university I loved it!
  • Fiddling around with jQuery, NodeJS, and just now started with AngularJS. Together with MongoDB and the previous mentioned technologies, JavaScript has become a lean and MEAN full stack "programming" language.
  • Think about how you'd like to present your data. Personally I use Balsamiq Mockups to help me mockup what I want and then I develop it using Bootstrap.


Want to learn more about how to use certain Java frameworks


Anthony started working in Daimler Project as Senior Developer and as Tech Lead Adobe CQ5. Later on he took over the role as Team Lead for the Daimler Retail Warranty Team. Since June 2014 he was part of the Daimler Retail Scrum Team. He was very successful in defining and implementing measures to improve the overall quality in the project. He gave guidance to less experienced project members and took over responsibility in solving highly complex technical problems in the area of Adobe CQ5. Furthermore he always showed high motivation and sense of responsibility when executing his tasks.

Mathias Rügner

Anthony took over all technical aspects concerning development on the Schiphol.nl website from me and another colleague.
Anthony is an easy going person, nice to work with and he knows all about Java, website maintenance and the GX WebManager platform.
He rewrote the flight pages for the Schiphol.nl website, the most visited pages and did an outstanding job. The pages no longer query the database but now us static html generated frequently.
Beside his work for Schiphol he works for the Android platform and the stuff he shows tells me that he knows what he is doing !

I’d be glad to work with Anthony in the future.

Arie Roy

Anthony and I recently worked on an Adobe CQ5 project for Shell. He lead a development team very well using Agile methodologies and provided support and direction throughout. I found him to be very passionate about the solutions that he delivers and always ensured the client got the best from the team. Anthony provided bi-weekly development updates and demonstrations to the client in a professional but down to earth manner. He is a joyful person who possesses advanced Java development knowledge and a solid understanding of the Adobe CQ5/AEM technology stack.

I would happily work with him on any future project.

Adam Crow